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Having been away from the city for almost ten years, I'm trading in my rubber boots and Green Acres life for city life once again, and the occasional pair of high heels too! Being a decade older (young 50) - with different priorities, interests and out look on life it's an adventure of navigating life in the city, discovering new places, activities. I hope to inspire you - that you are never too old to start the living the life you want - with my adventures of navigating life in the city, learning the TTC (subway, street cars and the occasional bus) - and re-discovering some long time favourites. Oh, and adjusting to a much smaller house - learning to let go of things (because, well there really isn't any spare space for things I "may" use one day). 

Join me and my furbabies (Dolce and Gabbana) as I rediscover Toronto and all it has to offer - fashion, dining, shopping, arts, cafes, things to see and do -; travel near and far and create a life that fits the woman I am today!

 Yes, it's going to an adventure ... Hope you will come along!!

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,
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