Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 Tips for Moving from Surviving to Thriving

I’m often asked about how I managed to go from surviving to thriving after my accident and if I would share my strategy.  Below are some steps that have helped me get to where I am today.

5 Tips for moving from surviving to thriving …

1.       Let yourself mourn
The person you were is no more and it’s ok to grieve the loss of that self, just as you would at the ending of a relationship or loss of a loved one. 

2.       Accept your current reality
We have no control over what happens to us – but we can choose how we let it affect us. Acceptance does not mean that you are OK with it – it just means that you acknowledge things are different and this frees you to start moving forward.

3.        Learn to like yourself
Yes, the person in the mirror may seem like a stranger looking back at you – but it’s you! Stop focusing on who you no longer are - what you can no longer do AND start focusing on all the awesomeness that is you.  

4.       Rediscover who you used to be
Before life sent you on a detour you enjoyed life – discover new ways to bring some of that joy back into your life. 

5.       Start Dreaming
When you begin to dream about how you want your life to be you are creating positive thoughts that go out into the universe and manifest into dream life.
Though everyone’s life detour story is different (perhaps it was a divorce, loss of a loved one, an illness or life altering accident) and is often difficult and unwelcome, a life detour can hold a silver lining- the opportunity to create a new you and life.

I hope the above tips will inspire you to take the next step towards moving from simply surviving to THRIVING!

Would love for you to share your tips on how you moved 
from surviving to thriving after your life detour.

Love and Peace,

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Enjoying the Sunshine ...Welcome Spring (finally)

With the warming temps Dolce and Gabbana are eager to get outside and play in the sunshine. Dolce is looking handsome in his red vest and Miss Gabbana is looking darling in her jeans and sweat shirt, with her butterfly hair pretty.

Being in the city one of our fav spots to enjoy nature is along the lake ...

The temps are warmer but there is still a lingering crispness. 
A hot chocolate and sunny spot on the patio are perfect for taking off the chill.

While mama enjoys her cup of hot chocolate...
Dolce and Gabbana give their paws a little break lounging in their stroller.

jeans - Miss Sixty, vest - Zara, sweater- Valentino, sunglasses - Gucci, hat - Burberry

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