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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Integrate Your Being ~ Recharging Your Mind - Body - Spirit

It's no secret that for us to function at our best we need to have proper sleep and allow our bodies, mind and spirit to relax from all the day- to-day stress we are faced with. Yet, it is this precious sleep that is often the first thing sacrificed when we need "more" hours to complete tasks for work, family/friends, or participate in social outings. Think about how often you cut into your sleep time because, a report/something had to be completed for work; or you "needed" to do something for someone else that you had not planned on; and my favourite you when you fall down that hole known as social media - Pintrest, Facebook, Instagram etc... next thing you know you should have been sleeping two hours ago (I know I'm guilty of this). Or you go to sleep at the appropriate time, but still awaken feeling tired.

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that part of my self care includes energy healing (Reiki, Chakra balancing etc.), I've written about it here, here, and here. So, when I was offered the opportunity to experience some energy healing with Daria Romaniello, who recently open her wellness practice in Scarborough - I was happy to accept. 

On the scheduled day I remember thinking this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time, I have been over doing it, and feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed with all the recent decisions I've been making about where to live, the planing and process of preparing for the move and other life changes. A little energy healing would help get stagnant energy flowing, which would also help to jump start balancing my energetic health. As I walked into her office, Daria made me feel at ease right away. She excludes caring and this is reflected in the welcoming feeling you get when you step into her healing space. After our introductions Daria, explained that she uses an amethyst crystal mat on the healing bed for her sessions. 
US FDA approved Medical Device
The Biomat combines Far Infrared, Negative Ions and Amethyst therapies for a true mind, body and spirit healing experience. It's a unique innovation in bio technology containing 17 different layers and more than 28 lbs of amethyst crystals which naturally produce and are super conductors of Far Infrared Rays. Not having experienced the biomat before, I was intrigued, because I sometimes use an amethyst crystal to help me focus during meditation, and know it has many healing properties. 
Once I was laying on the healing bed Daria began with a body scan, applied some healing oils around my temples and instructed me to just relax, and she would be back in a few minutes. At first I thought hmm... I guess I'll just lay here - I hadn't experienced this energy healing before and it was a bit different than the Reiki sessions I was familiar with. But I did as instructed, besides the warmth of the mat beneath me was soothing. 
What I experienced - I still cannot find the words to describe other than BLISS! 

In the time that I lay there (about 40 minutes I learned later), I recall feeling a great sense of rest - like a really good night's sleep. I recall dreaming - but not the dreams. This sense of rest took place 3 times, during the time I was on the healing bed. 
Daria, explained the biomat has a controller with various therapeutic settings: to help in the relief of   head aches, indigestion, regenerative sleep and recovery;  female cycling rebalancing and support, youthful hormone restoration; joint and pain relief, stress, anxiety and trauma relief, profound relaxation and mood elevator, to higher consciousness tool - just to name a few. 
The amethyst and Tourmaline pillow uses technology originally developed for NASA - the space-age Elastic memory foam conforms to your head and neck to help ensure an anatomically supportive sleep posture. The healing properties of the amethyst crystals help to calm and relax your mind while the Tourmaline beads absorb released stress and negative energy.

While it wasn't the energy healing (Reiki) session I was expecting, I was pleasantly surprised at the way I felt immediately afterward. I was energized, and the rejuvenated feeling seemed to continue even after I drove home. I had an amazing sleep that night and woke the next morning ready to tackle the day. 
Lovelies, if you are in the GTA and could use some relaxation, contact Daria you will not be disappointed. Along with the Crystal Healing Bed - Daria offers services in:  Aromatic Sciences (oils), and Spiritual Counselling.

Services are by appointment only. You can reach Daria at 416-504-7222, or on Facebook here .

Integrate Your Being
1234 Kingston Rd., Suite 136
Toronto, ON M1N 1P2

Disclosure: I received a healing session at no charge for the purpose of this review. As always, all opinions are strictly my own.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Allan Gardens ~ A Touch of Spring in Winter

 Allan Gardens is one of Toronto's oldest parks ~ the conservatory built in 1910, and houses an amazing permanent collection of exotic plants which are supplemented with colourful seasonal flowers and flower shows. Spanning six greenhouses, approximately covering 16, 000 square feet.

This past weekend though the sun was shining there was a steady flow of visitors, taking in all the splendor. There are benches placed throughout - so you can rest or sit and take in all the beauty around you.

Along with the beautiful oasis in the city the park also offers ...
Lots of park benches to sit and enjoy the day ...  
A doggie park with separate off leash areas for large and small furbabies... 
A fenced playground for children with lots of slides, and playground equipment...
The doors to the conservatory beckon you in...
The glass ceiling is breath taking ... 
 From the moment you step through the doors it's like entering into spring ...
 the greenery and pathways from greenhouse to greenhouse pull you in.
 Pops of colour are everywhere ,,,

There's even some turtles to delight the young and those not so young... 

If you love orchids as much as I do, you will be in absolute orchid heaven!!

Allan Gardens is located at 19 Horticultural Avenue, (south side of Carlton Street, between: Jarvis and Sherbourne Streets). Easily accessible by TTC. Open year round 10 am - 5 pm , admission is free and wheel chair accessible. 

Some dates to make note of, from the Allan Gardens Conservatory website:

The 2017 Spring Flower Show will begin March 1, and run until May 14. The spring show culminates with the Easter flower show.

Easter Masses of various hydrangeas, Easter lilies and bulbs are in full bloom beginning Palm Sunday. The show runs for 3-4 weeks, ending after Easter.
The 2017 Easter Show will begin April 14.


The Summer Show features many of the newest varieties of annual flowers including coleus, geraniums, caladiums, cannas and impatiens. The show runs from June-September.
Discover the beauty of autumn in the City! The Fall Chrysanthemum Exhibition is featured from Early October to mid November. Hundreds of colourful pot mums, cascades, standards and baskets flourish in the conservatory.

Christmas Flower Show

The Christmas Flower Show is the highlight of the year. The entire conservatory is decorated and filled with thousands of flowering plants and more than 30 varieties of poinsettia. In addition, the conservatory features several topiary masterpieces inspired by the holiday season and created entirely of plant material.
Grand openings are held in December and visitors are treated to horse and wagon rides, carolers, hot apple cider and a visit from Santa.
Grand opening dates are as follows:
  • Allan Gardens Conservatory: 1st Sunday of December
The conservatory can also be enjoyed by candlelight on several weekends. The show runs until mid January. Please view the Parks, Forestry and Recreation calendar for more details.
Mark your Day Planners (I know I have) ... you will not want to to miss these flower shows!!

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