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What is the High Heeled Life?


You may be thinking to yourself - "but I don't even wear heels?" the truth is you can live a High Heeled Life in flip flops. A High Heeled Life is accessible to everyone because it's not about income, age, or where you live.  There is no "one" way to live a High Heeled Life, as it's about being your best and living your best life at each and every moment; regardless of where life as taken you.   
The first step to living a High Heeled Life is loving yourself and believing you deserve to live that life. It's about loving and respecting yourself. Remember to live a High Heeled Life is to live life luxuriously and balanced. You achieve this not by quantity, but by having quality people in your life, quality things and experiences. 

Here are some posts to get you started on creating your High Heeled Life :

10 Tips to Living A High Heeled Life

High Heeled Life Wardrobe Make-over in this series you will discover your fashion style and how to bring it all together.
Posts in this series:
What's Your Style? * Editing (decluttering) Your Wardrobe  * High Heeled Life Wardrobe Essentials * Wardrobe Organization *

The Other Side of Thin is a series looking at how to get back to a healthier You! and if a few pounds are lost in the journey to be healthier, I won't complain - will you?
Posts in this Series:

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